Hear what our Clients have to say for Us.

EL Group intuitively creates & implements beautiful & effective custom designs & puts client needs first! He developed an amazing site I'm consistently complemented on & was a pleasure to work with.

- 'Jonathan Chang - CEO at VIP STUDIOS, Hollywood'

To put it simply, our startup would not be what it is without the guidance, generosity, and evangelism of Evan.
A single 'tweet' from guy was what exploded the site in the first week after its launch, and kicked off a viral marketing frenzy that would last months, and as a result, saved a lot of money in marketing fees.
To my surprise, not only did Evan help to spread the word initially, but off his own back, back continued to tell the world about us at events and conferences weeks and months afterwards. With it being the first time I'd had the relative success of a site being so successful, Evan helped me to make a lot of the decisions I wasn't used to making, and aided in some of the key communication I needed to make with people.
His advice also helped to fill in the blanks when it came to pushing things forward the right way, rather than me stumbling around in the dark. In the end, I owe a lot of my success to Evan Luthra.

- 'Suzan Collins - Management Director at Maersk Oil'

I worked with Evan to Build an iPhone App for my company and I have to Evan blew my mind with the level of quality he provided. I had initially approached Evan cause I saw he was young and had a creative side to his pitch but he provided me with such quality work that I have to recommend him for any kind of iOS or Web Development.

- 'Cassandra Miller - Startup CEO'

Evan is one of those rare people who actually knows what he is talking about. He is an expert who makes a difference and provides results based on good research and a professional approach.
I would recommend Evan Luthra Group to any business.

- 'Alastair Taylor - UAE Business Leader at APPLE PVT LTD'

Met Evan at a Google Event and gave him a challenge to prepare for a 10 min slot to talk about a Particular Technology and the app that he had developed and promised him that if he does a good job of presenting it the next day, I would give him a slot in my Keynote Speech. All I can say is Evan stole the show and audience were impressed and in awe of this young man .
I wish him all the very best and am many more success in the future.

- 'Sunil Rao, Country Head Startup EcoSystems - GOOGLE PVT LTD '

I had hired EL Group for executing and delivering a Android App for a concept I though of. I had my doubts about spending so much money on my app but Evan helped me completely aside from the amazing app he developed. Evan was helpful before and even after the development was done Evan helped me market the app and make my investment back tenfold.
Highly Recommended

-Gary Miller, VP - Virgin Islands - Hilton Hotels

Evan is hard working and great a multitasking. He has accepted responsibilities far above his age or experience and handles them with care. He's been creative in problem solving and lead generation and always displays enthusiasm. EL Group is also one of the best among all I have ever hired, understands complex matters.
Evan is a strong and goal oriented team player; with every problem there was a solution. Highly recommended.

-Abdul Hassan - Senior VP at Dubai Islamic Bank