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World Class Award Winning Firm. Design Led Engineering.

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About Us

EL Group is an award winning creative & strategy firm that builds the brands of tomorrow. With our world class talent we engineer some of the best digital projects and build the technology of the future.

Learn how we took a Startup from $0 to $1,000,000 GMV in less than a year

What We do


All Around Digital Strategy

EL GROUP has designed and engineered hundreds of mobile, web, and cloud applications for some of the world's leading organizations.

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Fast Moving Futuristic Strategy

We understand the difference between breaking into markets and creating new ones. Strategy is the best investment your company can make for growth.

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Eye for Innovation

Innovation can't be dictated, it can only be discovered. In order to control it, the right conditions and processes must be in place. With 5+ years of mobile innovation experience,

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Award Winning Clientele and Work

From the world's largest companies, to leaders in emerging technology, our clients inspire us every day. We're honored that they feel the same way about us.

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Clean Code

From regular ISO9001 audits to QA input before we write your first line of code, we build quality into every aspect of your project. We safeguard your sensitive projects at every step..

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Global Credibility

Our founder has spoken at Nielsen to over 3000+ Employees, at Google to over 2500 industry executives & at NEXTBerlin to 2000 innovators.Our founder has over 500,000+

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Our partners and clients only speak praises for us.

Met Evan at a Google event and gave him a challenge to prepare for a 10 min slot to talk about a particular technology and the app that he had developed and promised him that if he does a good job of presenting it the next day, i would give him a slot in my keynote speech. All i can say is Evan stole the show and audience were impressed and in awe of this young man . I wish him all the very best and am many more success in the future.

Sunil Rao - Country Head, Google India

To put it simply, our startup would not be what it is without the guidance, generosity, and evangelism of Evan. To my surprise, not only did Evan help to spread the word initially, but off his own back continued to tell the world about us at events and conferences weeks and months afterwards. With it being the first time I'd had the relative success being so successful, Evan helped me to make a lot of the decisions I wasn't used to making, and aided in some of the key communication. His advice also helped to fill in the blanks when it came to pushing things forward the right way, rather than me stumbling around in the dark.

In the end, I owe a lot of my success to Evan Luthra.

Suzan Collins - Director at Maesrk Oil

Evan is one of those rare people who actually knows what he is talking about. He is an expert who makes a difference and provides results based on good research and a professional approach. I would recommend EL Group to any business.

Sam Bird