We are Truly Design Led Engineering.

In our experience, choosing one designer and working with him or her over multiple revisions can take a long time and be a frustrating process. Firstly, you may not even like the designs. Secondly, changes etc. can end up taking almost a month or more to be completed
When the designer is done you might still be left thinking:
“What if I had followed a complete different design style - maybe Realistic UX instead of Flat UX?”
Alternatively, you could hire 5 people and get 5 different designs. Or you could work with us.

We have a collection of top level premium designers handpicked by us from around the World. Our process works more like a contest. Instead of connecting you with one designer, We ask you to describe your project in your design brief document, then we share the brief with our best designers (all under NDA) and work with all of them to deliver you a Top Design

Instead of paying the designers upfront for the design say, $10,000 for a Design Job, we instead open a contest for $15,000. Each designer would have a week to deliver their best work. Instead of getting a single design, you would have 30 - 50 different premium designs from different design perspectives – all built according to your design brief.

Then we will send you the the designs, and work with you to select the 5 finalists. Then we will spend another week on a second round and the finalists would submit their finished work. You would then choose the winning designer, and we would declare him the winner of the contest. The best part is you would only pay for the design you like. All of the other designers do not expect anything and just take their designs back. For the price of 1.5 designs, you’d have the ability to choose from a variety of designs done by highly experienced creatives - these are the same people who have worked previously on Fortune 500 projects. Normally, they would never work together -- but when you work with the system we innovated, you have access to many "Best-In-Class" designers at once.

We have heard such great testimonials from our clients that we are very confident of our approach and the high quality work our designers deliver.

Sample Design Contests